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Guru kualiti antaranya….. siri #5

Posted on: November 15, 2009

feigenbaumArmand V Feigenbaum is the originator of Total Quality Control. He sees quality control as a business method rather than technically, and believes that quality has become the single most important force leading to organisational success and growth.

In his book Quality Control: Principles, Practices and Administration, Feigenbaum strove to move away from the then primary concern with technical methods of quality control, to quality control as a business method. Thus he emphasised the administrative viewpoint and considered human relations as a basic issue in quality control activities. Individual methods, such as statistics or preventive maintenance, are seen as only segments of a comprehensive quality control programme.

Quality control itself is defined as:
‘An effective system for co-ordinating the quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in an organisation so as to enable production at the most economical levels which allow for full customer satisfaction.’

He stresses that quality does not mean best but best for the customer use and selling price. The word control in quality control represents a management tool with 4 steps:

  • Setting quality standards
  • Appraising conformance to these standards
  • Acting when standards are exceeded
  • Planning for improvements in the standards. Quality control is seen as entering into all phases of the industrial production process, from customer specification and sale through design, engineering and assembly, and ending with shipment of product to a customer who is happy with it. Effective control over the factors affecting product quality is regarded as requiring controls at all important stages of the production process. These controls or jobs of quality control can be classified as:
  • New-design control
  • Incoming material control
  • Product control
  • Special process studies. Quality is seen as having become the single most important force leading to organisational success and company growth in national and international markets. Further, it is argued that:Quality is in its essence a way of managing the organisation and that, like finance and marketing, quality has now become an essential element of modern management.Thus a Total Quality System is defined as:The agreed company-wide and plantwide operating work structure, documented in effective, integrated technical and managerial procedures, for guiding the co-ordinated actions of the people, the machines and the information of the company and plant in the best and most practical ways to assure customer quality satisfaction and economical costs of quality.Operating quality costs are divided into:
  • Prevention costs including quality planning.
    buku ferg
  • Appraisal costs including inspection.
  • Internal failure costs including scrap and rework.
  • External failure costs including warranty costs, complaints etc. Reductions in operating quality costs res ult from setting up a total quality system for two reasons:
  • Lack of existing effective customer-orientated customer standards may mean current quality of products is not optimal given use
  • Expenditure on prevention costs can lead to a severalfold reduction in internal and external failure costs. The new 40th Anniversary edition of Dr A V Feigenbaum’s book, Total Quality Control, now further defines TQC for the 1990s in the form of ten crucial benchmarks for to tal quality success. These are that:
  • Quality is a company-wide process.
  • Quality is what the customer says it is.
  • Quality and cost are a sum, not a difference.
  • Quality requires both individual and team zealotry.
  • Quality is a way of managing.
  • Quality and innovation are mutually dependent.
  • Quality is an ethic.
  • Quality requires continuous improvement.
  • Quality is the most cost-effective, least capital-intensive route to productivity.
  • Quality is implemented with a total system connected with customers and suppliers. These are the ten benchmarks for total quality in the 1990s. They make quality a way of totally focusing the company on the customer – whether it be the end user or the man or woman at the next work station or next desk. Most importantly, they provide the company with foundation points for successful implementation of its international quality leadership.
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